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According to the Labour Laws of the Republic of Cyprus, it is stated that all employers that carry on with operations in the Republic of Cyprus are obliged to have insurance cover in place.

We guarantee security
for any business risk!

Trust Insurance Cyprus offers Public Liability insurance that will protect the insured against his Legal liability for bodily injury, death, loss or damage or destruction of third party property he may have caused due to his own negligence.

The fire insurance policy is the most basic policy intended to protect your assets such as your home or your business premises.

Trust Insurance Cyprus offers Yacht insurance cover providing assurance to yacht owners according to the London Institute Yacht Clauses.

Our Personal Accident cover offers protection to each and every one in the event of a loss that may arise from an accident that might occur either at the workplace or at home or elsewhere even whilst abroad.

Prevention is better than cure – Trust Insurance Cyprus has prepared a program that offers a comprehensive range of benefits, covering both inpatient and outpatient expenses incurred due to sickness or accident.

The motor vehicle is now a part of every one’s life and is in fact both a necessary and important asset.

Travelling abroad there is always a possibility of our luggage being lost, in a country where we are visitors, there is the case of our luggage being lost, a flight being delayed or even an accident to occur. Unexpected events are harder to deal when happens abroad.

Trust Insurance Cyprus has prepared an innovative solution catering for the needs of your home.  You can count on protection to your home whether as a home owner or as a tenant. We offer offers alternative accommodation in times of need until such time all repairs are completed to your home.

Trust Insurance Cyprus offers goods in transit insurance cover for all good that are in transit.

Trust Insurance Cyprus offers contractors’ all risk cover aimed at offering assurance to a contractor who is responsible for building houses, apartment complexes, roadways and bridges

Machinery breakdown insurance offers assurance to business owners such as mechanical engineering, industrial, textile, paper mills, workshops from risk of damage being caused due to an unexpected failure of their machinery.

Following EU directive of February 2004, it is compulsory for all workers from countries that are non EU members that reside in the Republic of Cyprus to have medical insurance through their employer.

One of the most important aspects of insurance is that of health insurance.  Trust Insurance Cyprus, values its clients and to this end has made sure that its medical product offering has been designed to meet all medical needs of both individuals and families.

Trust Insurance Cyprus offers a comprehensive Electronic Device Insurance Policy to cover damages that may occur suddenly and unexpectedly on insured electronic devices.

In the case of an accident you should always immediately call the Road Assistance and complete the Claims Accident Form.

One of the most important aspects for being a successful insurance company is probably that of fair assessment and swift compensation.