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Claims Property


In case of damage you should first report (verbally) the incident to the Company.

  • Try to keep details of the incident with photos, invoices or receipts from the municipality or local emergency services.
  • Do not carry out repair work before obtaining the Company's consent.   
  • Fill out the Claim Form by submitting the following:
    1. Insurer's Name
    2. Insurance Document Number
    3. Location and Date of incident
    4. Policy Report - Police Officer Details
    5. Any actions taken by client concerning the incident
    6. Anything else that may be useful concerning the incident
  • In the event of a major damage, an estimator is sent by the Company and an on-site visit assessment is performed.
  • Once all the details have been gathered and the evaluation is completed, the Claims Officer will contact you for the results

In case of theft notify the Company and provide any prime information. You will need a police report and a full record of the stolen items with the recpective receipts that you will send to the Company along with a completed and signed Claim Form.


When the Company receives the signed Claim Form, it is then send to the Claims Department that carries through the assessment process.


24hrs Emergency Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance Team aim is to provide 24hrs assistance year round through its specialized Technical Team, in case of emergency repair.


It covers the following:

  • Labour cost
  • Moving costs of technician
  • cost of required materials

The Technical Assistance Service also provides services at the request of the Insured for non-urgent cases such as: Preparation of budget for work that the Insured wishes to perform at the Insured House.


If the offer is accepted by the customer, then the Technical Support will undertake to provide:

  • Coordination of Work
  • Guarantee of Work Quality for 6 months, as well as
  • Checking of cost, that in these cases are borne by the Insured

For more information contact your Insurance Agent or
one of our Customer Service Branches all over Cyprus.

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