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Do I Need Private Medical Insurance?

Are you in Cyprus and thinking of getting private medical insurance? It is important to understand all aspects of the local healthcare system before making any decisions.


Having a medical insurance plan offers you adequate protection from the financial burden of unexpected medical expenses, whether you are a permanent resident or visiting Cyprus for an extended period.

This article addresses the necessity of having private medical insurance in Cyprus, the available coverage options, and how to stay safe while living on the island.

Overview of Healthcare in Cyprus

The public healthcare system in Cyprus is accessible for Cypriot citizens, but private healthcare options are also available to ensure people are fully covered against the unexpected.

Doctors in public and private healthcare centers are highly trained, and facilities are well-equipped. There are several hospitals and primary care centers across the country.

Do I Need Private Health Insurance?

It is always beneficial to have extra health coverage for well-rounded protection and total peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Here are some benefits that you should consider when thinking about opting for a private health insurance plan.


More Coverage

Private health insurance typically provides a broader range of coverage than public health insurance, which may include complementary medicine and tailored hospital care in the best hospitals and private medical centers in the country. In addition, personal medical coverage may consist of elective surgeries, specialized medical treatments, and alternative therapies.


Shorter Waiting Times

With private health insurance, individuals can often access medical services with shorter waiting times than public health insurance. This can save patients time and energy, and prevent things from getting worse as they have immediate access to medical treatment of the highest standards.


Lower Out-of-pocket Expenses

Private health insurance may cover medical expenses that are not typically covered by public health insurance, such as dental or physiotherapy services. Insurance companies can also pay for prescription drugs, reducing out-of-pocket costs for the insured person.


Tax Advantages

In some countries, individuals with private health insurance can receive tax benefits, such as deductions or credits on their annual tax returns. Cyprus is one of those countries, with the parliament recently increasing the maximum annual tax deduction for life and private medical insurance premiums.


Flexibility in Choosing Healthcare Providers

Private health insurance holders can choose their healthcare provider, having this way greater control over the quality of care they receive.


Renewal Guarantee

Some private medical insurers provide a few years of guarantee, in which they agree to maintain their current coverage rates stable, regardless of changes in medical costs.


Enhanced Privacy

Private health insurance can provide individuals with greater privacy and confidentiality regarding their healthcare, as they can choose to be treated in private hospitals or clinics.


Early Detection of Illnesses

Private insurers provide preventive services such as regular checkups and breast cancer screenings without charging extra fees. These services can contribute to the detection of health problems and allow for immediate treatment.

Get A Private Health Insurance With Trust

Considering your individual circumstances, it may be necessary to purchase your health insurance. Employees are often provided with some form of private coverage, but individuals who don't have access to such coverage may wish to consider purchasing private health insurance.

This is where Trust Insurance Cyprus comes in! Our private health insurance plans offer immediate access to high-quality treatments available on public and private healthcare centers, in addition to shorter waiting times and other benefits.

Talk to your local Trust insurance agent in Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos, Paralimni, or Larnaca, or visit our website to find a private health plan that suits your unique needs and budget.

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