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Healthcare in Cyprus: A Guide For Everything You Need To Know

Cyprus is rapidly gaining traction as a prime expat destination with its excellent healthcare system. Currently, there are a number of local health services and hospitals operating under the Universal Health System (GeSY). But for those who want comprehensive health coverage for themselves and their families, many private health insurance plans are also available. As such, citizens and foreign nationals alike can enjoy quality healthcare in Cyprus.


To ensure that you are well-informed on the healthcare system in Cyprus, this article will provide information about the quality of healthcare, information on how to access medical services, and what to expect from the country’s health insurance system.

Is Healthcare Free in Cyprus?

Healthcare is not entirely free in Cyprus. Based on the new General Healthcare System in Cyprus, health coverage is funded by the state and patients’ out-of-pocket contributions, commonly known as co-payments. This is available for all EU citizens, Cypriot nationals, and all permanent and legal residents of Cyprus.


Under the healthcare system in Cyprus, patients may be required to pay co-payments for some medical services. For example, a prescribed medicine or medical product may cost €1 minimum, while seeing a specialist with a referral from your GP may cost around €6.

Quality Of Healthcare in Cyprus

The Cyprus healthcare system ranks highly in EU and US-wide comparisons, with well-trained medical professionals and modern medical facilities. Public primary care is accessible and widespread, with many government-run clinics and hospitals in most major cities and rural areas.

Public Healthcare in Cyprus

Public healthcare in Cyprus is administered by the state and is funded through taxes and mandatory social services contributions. Public healthcare services are offered at a network of facilities that includes five district hospitals, three small rural hospitals, one pediatric/gynecological hospital, 38 health centers, and 230 sub-centres serviced by a touring medical team.


Accessing general practitioners within the public healthcare sector only requires presenting your European Health Insurance Card and a valid ID document. But your general practitioner must provide a referral before you can consult with a specialist.

Private healthcare in Cyprus

Cyprus has an excellent private healthcare system, preferred mainly by expats looking to avoid long waiting times for receiving medical assistance. The majority of individuals look for comprehensive hospital and medical coverage.


Depending on your needs and financial situation, you can choose between two options: International Private Medical Insurance or Local Private Medical Insurance.


International coverage offers comprehensive protection and a wider range of treatment plans and options but comes with higher premiums. Local coverage may be much more affordable, yet its coverage is limited. It is essential to be aware that these options come at a cost; they are not free services like the public healthcare system in Cyprus.

Social Insurance in Cyprus

The Social Insurance Scheme in Cyprus ensures everyone has access to healthcare and other social benefits. It is mandatory for both the employed and the self-employed, with the contributions being taken as a percentage of insurable earnings from employers, insured people, and the government. Additional voluntary insurance is provided for those wishing to continue coverage beyond their period of compulsory insurance or for workers abroad employed by Cypriot employers.

Pharmacies in Cyprus

With almost 500 Chemists and Pharmacies open for business in 2023, those seeking medical and other essential healthcare products are able to access these goods easily. Depending on the time of year, pharmacies typically operate between normal hours of 8:00 to 13:30 & 15:00 to 18:30 during the winter season, and 8:00 to 13:30 & 16:00 to 19:30 during the summer months. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the opening hours are from 8:00 to 13:30, while on Sundays pharmacies are closed.


There are also night pharmacies across the country for emergencies, with opening times from 8:00 until 22:00 or 23:00.

Medical Emergency in Cyprus

In an emergency in Cyprus, immediately contact the necessary authorities. Dial 199 or 112, which is the same number for all three services: ambulance, police, and fire service. It is also important to note that English is the standard language used over the phone by all members of emergency personnel in Cyprus, although Greek is the official language of the country.

I am Traveling to Cyprus from a European country. Can I Visit a Public Hospital for Free?

Visiting a public hospital in Cyprus when traveling from another European country is possible with valid identification and European Health Insurance Card. You can consult a general practitioner at state healthcare centers without cost. But be aware that there is often a small standard fee for treatment, and separate surcharges for laboratory tests and further examinations such as X-rays.

I Have a European Insurance Card. Do I Need Private Health Insurance Too?

A European Insurance Card (EHIC or GHIC) grants access to the same medical treatments available to any Cypriot national, should they be required. But having private health insurance alongside this card may prove beneficial, as private medical insurance allows for quicker access to treatments and may provide coverage for services that are not available through public services.

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