Professional Liability Insurance For Directors & Officers

Being in charge, or in a position of responsibility, you are immediately liable for any decisions, omissions or wrongful acts you may take in your capacity. Free yourself from any doubt that may hold you back. With Trust you will have the protection you need.

Why TRUST Professional Liability for Directors and Officers

All-in-One coverage

Choice of coverage based on your needs

Who Is This Insurance For?

Aimed at Executive Board members or not. Corporate officials e.g. General Manager, Manager, Internal Auditor, Compliance Officer etc.

D&O Coverage

The basic coverage of the policy includes the personal legal responsibility of the Company's Directors and Officers for the payment of damages to natural and / or legal persons who have suffered financial loss as a result of wrongful acts and / or omissions in their capacity as Directors and Officers.


It also covers the loss of the company itself to pay compensation to physical and / or legal persons who have suffered financial loss as a result of wrongful acts and / or omissions made by their Directors and Officers in their capacity.

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  • To provide all the information required in the insurance policy or any other Form in full clarity
  • Pay premiums according to the payment plan as listed on your insurance policy table
  • Take all necessary measures to avoid bodily harm, loss or damage and comply with the provisions of the legislation 
  • Notify the company in case of change that will increase the level of risk
  • Refer to the Company immediately and provide them with full details of the claim in writing 
  • Take reasonable precautions to prevent or reduce the claim extension
  • Non-acceptance of liability, offer, promise or payment without the written consent of the Company
  • Comply with the terms of the insurance policy

The deductible amount is the amount or percentage that is not covered and/or deducted from the amount for each claim separately.

There is a detailed list of coverage limitations in the insurance policy.


The start and end of the coverage is determined in the Table of the Insurance Contract. The duration of the insurance is 12 months, unless another insurance period is agreed between the two parties.