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For Greek culture, Tuesday 13th is considered to be the unluckiest and most misfortunate day of the year. Multiplied when on a leap year, which is also considered a big jinx.

Intense bushfires in many parts of Australia, at the brink of a new Gulf war, stock market crash, the cancellation of the Olympic games as well as several other international events, the deadly explosion in Beirut, the pandemic of Covid 19 are some of the misfortunate events that occurred thus far in 2020.

One would say that 2020, has won it's place in the history books.

Despite all that is happening around us, it is a matter of choice if one gets dragged down or not. Being positive is a choice. As is being prepared come what may.

 Everyone has the chance to opt for coverage, but it's up to each person to grab it.

At Trust, one can find insurance programs that meet any need, to upgrade their coverage against all risk, to have someone by their side before a misfortune occurs.

Get all the details and answers you need from your Insurance Agent today, and find the insurance package the best suits your needs.

Do it for you, and your family. Do it today and break the jinx. Don just sit around like a black cat. Make your own luck. It' s in your hands, no matter the date.

Tuesday (Friday) the 13th? Reach out to Trust so it won't matter.

Opting for the best? Seek it out... We'll be waiting for you!

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Forbes Interview - CEO - Trust Insurance Cyprus

FORBES Interview | Trust Insurance Cyprus "Protagonist in the new era"

«Στόχος μας είναι να δίνουμε πρόσθετη αξία στο συμβόλαιο του κάθε πελάτη μας, μέσω
της προσφοράς επιπρόσθετων πρωτοποριακών υπηρεσιών, απλοποιημένων και γρήγορων
διαδικασιών, καθώς και μιας εξαίρετης εμπειρίας στην εξυπηρέτηση» αναφέρει σε
συνέντευξή του στο Forbes ο CEO της Trust Insurance Cyprus, Χρίστος Χριστοδούλου.

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Γιατί πρέπει να ασφαλιζόμαστε!!

Με μια κοινωνία που αλλάζει διαρκώς και με κινδύνους που εξελίσσονται ανελλιπώς, η ασφάλιση αποτελεί μια ζωτική ανάγκη. Σήμερα, περισσότερο από ποτέ, η προετοιμασία για

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