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Corporate Services

The company focuses on the following services:

Internal Audit

Internal audit services confirm that company adheres to the policy set by the Board of Directors.


The latest technological infrastructure is the foundation of the company's success. Our goal is to develop productive systems to fully automate the processes and operations of the company.

Human Resources

The role of Human Resources is to ensure and manage diversity in the workplace, as well as to develop and improve the skills of the members of our company.

Corporate Governance

It's the method and procedures that allow the control of the activities of the company, as well as to what extent there is risk involved.

Risk & Actuary

The Company enjoys services from the Nest Group, which has a team of Actuaries that prepare and assure that the Company's capital meets its Solvency II obligations. At the same time, through Risk Management the company implements the Business Risk Management (ERM) policy.

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