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Claims Liability

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Claims Liability

Notify the insurance company of the incident, immediately and in any case

  • Fill in the Claim Form in detail and attach photographic material
  • Send the Company the Claim Form together with all the supporting documents (depending on the incident)
  • Once we have all the information and the assessment is complete, a Claims Officer will contact you directly.

Limits of Civil Liability coverage

When deciding on the limit of coverage, one must consider the maximum claim that can be made against them.

This can be done by taking into account the Company's turnover.

Some businesses, in the event of a fire or multiple personal injuries, may face claims for compensation far in excess of this amount.

Employer Liability Insurance

Employer's Liability cover is offered for accidents or illnesses for which the employer is responsible. If someone has no legal liability, they have no obligation to pay compensation, and therefore there will be no claim for cover. And of course, depending on the nature of the work, a limit of cover is set.

According to the legislation the limits are:

  • Per employee €160,000
  • Per case or series of cases €3,415,000
  • Total limit per insured period €5,125,000
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