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Group Health Insurance "TRUcare"

Group Health Insurance For Businesses

Health is the most valuable asset of a human being. It is important for your and your family well being. Even more, for your professional family. Trust offers reliable support in times of need with its comprehensive insurance programs. TRUcare provides you with the flexibility and ensure you will receive the best service when you need it, either in Cyprus or abroad.

Why TRUST "TRUcare" For Group Health Insurance


- Flexibility in Group Insurance policies by choosing the benefit limits that best suit your needs
- The right to choose a health institution without restrictions
- Select cover that suit your needs and financial ability
- Worldwide coverage excluding USA and Canada

Medical card

With the TRUcare card, medical expenses for Inpatient Care can be paid directly through Hospitals and Clinics, without any charge, in Cyprus or abroad.

24hrs Customer Service Assistance Abroad

Γραμμή Εξυπηρέτησης για Κύπρο στο 22 020444

Urgent Medical Help Abroad
24 Hour Helpline outside USA: +1-609-275-4999 | within USA: +1-877-488-9857

With benefits

Discount is provided to families and group plans

Who Is This Insurance For?

Aimed at Professionals and Organisations that employ one person or a group of people (employees and managers). It is an innovative, dynamic and complex healthcare program


It covers Hospital Care that includes Emergency Medical Aid abroad. In addition there are additional optional benefits such as Extended Coverage Abroad, Out-patient Care and General Annual check up Medical Coverage.


Offers 3 Basic Health plans with maximum annual coverage per person:



CENTRIC €250.000

MAX €1.000.000


Basic plan benefits and covered treatment for:


  • Room and board
  • Doctor, surgeon & anaesthesiologist fee
  • Laboratory diagnostics, medicines & other consumables
  • Before and after Medical treatment expenses
  • Accommodation costs for minor companion
  • Hospital Treatment out of Cyprus

Surgery without overnight stay

  • Covers Operating Surgery Room Expenses
  • Covers Surgeon & Anaesthesiologist Fees


 Emergency transfer of patient


 Child birth benefits (lump-sum allowance payment)

  • Normal Birth Delivery / Cesarean Section
  • Abortion/Cervical

Organ Transplant


Home Nursing


Hospital Cash Benefit

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TRUcare is a comprehensive health plan and offering complete coverage in private hospitals. Choose one of the Health plans, with extend coverage, in case of emergency treatment and hospitalisation.

With the TRUcare card, medical expenses for Inpatient Care can be paid directly through Hospitals and Clinics, without any charge, in Cyprus or abroad.


In case of a scheduled hospitalisation you must inform the company at least 7 days before your admission to the clinic / hospital. In the event of an unexpected incident, please contact us before your discharge so that your claim assessment process can begin.

In general, health insurance plans offer immediate coverage in the event of personal injury from an accident. In the event of illness, insurance coverage begins after 30 days from the date of the insurance policy. In any case, please contact your agent or the company to receive more information.

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