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Professional Liability Insurance For Lawyers

The complete coverage for Lawyers

As lawyers, you are called upon to defend others; but you also need someone to 'defend' you! Trust is here for you. With the Professional Liability for Lawyers program, you can customise it based on your needs by adding additional extensions. By selecting the right combination of covers through a reliable provider such as Trust, lawyers can have peace of mind and protection, knowing they are defended in the event of an unforeseen claim against them. Get a quote today.

Why choose Trust for Solicitors Insurance

Option to increase liability premium

Adjusted minimum coverage in accordance with the Bar Association's basic requirements for compulsory professional liability insurance of its members

Extension coverage for Insolvency Advisers

Ability to add additional extensions (including coverage for Insolvency Advisers)

Who Is This Insurance For?

Aimed at all Lawyers.

The complete coverage for Lawyers

It covers the liability of the Insured and its employees by negligent acts or omissions in connection with its activities.

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Lawyers Liability Insurance FAQ

It is a comprehensive legal liability insurance program for negligent acts, omissions or errors related to the insured's professional activities. Insurance is mandatory under the Lawyers' Law

The deductible amount is the amount or percentage that is not covered and/or deducted from the amount for each claim separately.

There is a detailed list of coverage limitations in the insurance policy.


Is valid for:

  • any incidents that will occur in countries of the European Economic Area, unless otherwise specified in the Insurance policy
  • any cases in relation to court decisions issued by a competent court of the European Economic Area, unless otherwise specified in the Insurance Policy

Lawyer or solicitor professional indemnity insurance covers law professionals against claims made by clients or third parties that allege them for negligence, defamation, or breach of confidentiality. The policy covers the cost of defendance, claimants' costs and any damages awarded.

Η Ασφάλιση είναι υποχρεωτική με βάση τον Περί Δικηγόρων Νόμο. Παρέχει κάλυψη νομικής ευθύνης Δικηγόρων από αμελείς πράξεις, παραλείψεις ή λάθη τους σε σχέση με την άσκηση των επαγγελματικών τους δραστηριοτήτων. 

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