Contractor's All Risk (C.A.R)

Your "shield" of protection to any risk

By building someone else's dreams, don't ruin your own. Unpredictable factors are always likely to emerge. Accidents happen. Don't let them get on you. Trust provides you with maximum protection through a complete insurance package, which gives you the opportunity to customise it to your specific needs.

Why Contractor's All Risk (C.A.R)

All Risk

All Risks Insurance is the most comprehensive form of Insurance

Complete with many extensions

Option to insure the main contractor, sub-contractor and project manager

Who is this for?

Aimed at Project Owners and Construction Contractors.


It covers loss or damage during the construction of a project or during the construction site as a result of a sudden or unforeseen incident that is not excluded and is caused at the construction site.

It may also cover:

  • Equipment and facilities
  • Construction machinery
  • Construction materials
  • Existing buildings
  • Loss or damage to the building during restoration work
  • Debris Disposal
  • Liability to other people and even more depending on your needs

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It is a complete insurance plan for the project managers, contractors , or sub-contractors. The projects can be: a house, an apartment building, a complex of shops or offices, a school, a church, a street, a factory, etc. The All Risks Insurance offers coverage for damages to an erected or existing building, to any facilities, equipment and machinery used at the construction site as well as coverage for Public Liability.

The insurance premium is paid on the date of entry into full force, to the Company, either check, cash, Direct Debit, Credit /Debit card, or Standing Order. In case it is agreed that the payment of the premium will be made in instalments, the premium is paid according to the dates specified in the insurance table of the Policy.

At the address of the project which is under construction and it is specified in the Insurance Policy