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Deterioration of Stocks (DOS) Insurance

Protect Yours Goods with Deterioration of Stock Insurance

You don't have to "freeze" if something goes wrong! Select the complete Deterioration of Goods insurance program created by Trust to protect the value of your goods. A program designed to provide additional coverage and protection tailored to your needs. With Trust's Deterioration of Goods insurance program, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're protected from any surprises. Get a quote today.

Why TRUST Deterioration of Goods Insurance

All Risks Insurance is the most comprehensive form of Insurance

Lots of extra extensions to customise the coverage to your needs

Annual Contract

Assurance that in case of damage the insured will be compensated

Who Is This Insurance For?

Aimed at Freight Owners that have goods/products in freezers.

Coverage Of Deterioration Of Stock Insurance

It covers in case of Disaster, Loss, or Damage to frozen foods that you own or are responsible for, while stored in refrigerators, freezers, or refrigerated chambers that occur due to deterioration or rottenness.


It covers loss of goods/products after deterioration due to:


  • Loss or damage to a cooling unit as a result of a sudden and unforeseen event
  • Accidental leakage of gas

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Coverage includes loss of goods after their deterioration due to:

  • Loss or damage to a cooling unit as a result of a sudden and unforeseen event
  • Accidental leakage of coolant fluid or gas into the cooling unit
  • To provide all the information required in the insurance policy or any other Form
  • Pay the premiums according to the payment plan as listed on your insurance policy table 
  • Take all necessary measures to avoid bodily harm, loss or damage and comply with the provisions of the legislation 
  • Notify the company in case of change that will increase the level of risk 
  • Take reasonable precautions to prevent or reduce damage 
  • Inform the Company immediately in case of damage 
  • Send in writing all necessary information including any supporting documents
  • Comply with the terms of the insurance policy

Coverage is limited to the address of the specified area and is listed in the Insurance Policy, unless otherwise specified.

The definition of “deterioration” in a policy can vary depending on the context. Generally, deterioration is defined as a decline in quality, performance, or condition over time. It can refer to physical objects, such as buildings or vehicles, or it can refer to intangible items, such as a company’s financial health or reputation. In an insurance policy, deterioration is typically used to refer to the physical condition of an item/product.
The Deterioration of Goods Insurance policy is aimed at freight owners who have goods and products stored in freezers.

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