Machinery Breakdown Insurance

The complete protection of your machinery against breakdowns

Nothing should be stopping you. The Machinery Breakdown program allows you to safely continue your activities, even after an accident or system failure. An insurance program that its designed to provide flexibility and coverage against All Risks.

Why TRUST machinery breakdown insurance

All Risk

All Risks Insurance is the most comprehensive form of Insurance


Additional coverage

Annual Contract

Who Is This Insurance For?

Aimed at owners or renters of machinery equipment such as Generators, Transmitters, etc.


Covers loss or damage to machinery as a result of a sudden and unforeseeable event which is not excluded and results in the need to repair or replace the machinery or part of it


Optional Coverage

  • Coverage of damages for Strikes, Riots, Civil Disturbances
  • Adjacent Property and Third Party Liability Coverage 
  • Coverage of additional expenses related to a covered claim and required overtime. night work, work on a public holiday 
  • Coverage of air transportation costs
  • Coverage of the insured items / machinery during their transport within the areas effectively controlled by the Republic of Cyprus

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It is a complete insurance program that covers any machines in the workplace in case of loss or damage from sudden and unpredictable cause

The insurance premium is paid on the date of entry into full force, to the Company, either check, cash, Direct Debit, Credit /Debit card, or Standing Order. In case it is agreed that the payment of the premium will be made in instalments, the premium is paid according to the dates specified in the insurance table of the Policy.

Coverage is limited to the address of the specified area and is listed in the Insurance Policy, unless otherwise specified.