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Third Party Liability Business

Third Party Liability Insurance For Business Vehicles

Choose to insure your car with Trust and benefit of extensions without additional cost. And even more, Trust offers you the service “If you drink, don't drive without any extra charge. But if you drink or you have an emergency, we will take you home free and safe! Because for us, you come first!

Why Trust Third Party Liability Insurance For Commercial Vehicles

Prime price

In addition to the mandatory coverage, it also offers extensions at no extra cost

24hrs Roadside and Accident Assistance

Who Is This Insurance For?

Aimed at Owners of Private or Commercial, Motor vehicles, Motorbikes, Buses.


Third Party Liability Insurance is mandatory by law and is the insurer's liability to pay damages in respect of:

  • Injury or death of any person
  • Property damage


Simple Package

  • Roadside and Accident Assistance
  • Driving off road
  • Passengers Liability
  • Windscreen Protection (reduced coverage)
  • Up to 4 named drivers (age 23-70 with more than two years experience and holders of Driving Licence)

Standard Package Package

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Driving off road
  • Passengers Liability
  • Windscreen Protection (standard coverage)
  • Any Driver between the age 23-70 holder of Driving Licence issued more than two years, to drive the same or similar type vehicle
  • Coverage on registered trailer vehicle
  • Driver Personal Accident (reduced coverage)

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We provide to our customers Roadside Assistance in case of Emergency or Accident by calling at 7777 8107 , and one of our team of experts will attend your request immediately.


Our team will undertake to do the following:


  • Record the conditions of the accident
  • Take photographs of the scene
  • Gather all information and evidence required

In the event the vehicle is immobilised the Road Assistance will arrange for the transportation of your vehicle to a workshop of your choice.

In the event of major damage or injury, you must contact the Police by dialling the Emergency Line 112

If your vehicle has been immobilised due to mechanical, electrical, tires damage, call at 7777 8107 and Roadside Assistance will undertake to:

  • If possible, it will repair on the spot problems involving oil change, battery repair, flat tire etc.
  • Redirect the vehicle on public road if found out of route
  • Transport of vehicle to a workshop/garage of your choice

The increased premium on high-performance vehicles applies to all insurance companies as the risk of these high-capacity vehicles is greater and more severe because of the excessive speed they can develop. In addition, the repair cost in the event of damage is higher.

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