Health Insurance for Foreign Employees

Integrated security in the workplace

Health Insurance for Foreign Employees is not only a legal but also a human obligation. Protect your staff and yourself from any adventure, with the complete and flexible insurance program designed by Trust

Why TRUST Health Insurance for Foreign Employees

Full and Flexible

It is a structured Insurance Policy provided in accordance with the provisions of the Legislation. It combines In-hospital and Out-hospital coverage in case of an accident or illness.

Immediate coverage

Who is this for?

Aimed at employers of foreign workers or domestic helpers from countries that are not members of the European Union. It is mandatory for foreign students and business visitors to have medical insurance in order to obtain a residence permit.


The Health Insurance Program for Foreign Employees covers all the provisions of the legislation that are necessary to grant a residence and work permit to the Republic of Cyprus.

The coverage is offered in two parts:

  • In-Patient Hospital Treatment
  • Out-Patient Hospital Treatment

A plan is offered for in-hospital treatment coverage.

Maximum amount covered due to illness or accident within hospital:

  • Per incident €8.750
  • Per insured period €13.750
  • Day Care Treatment (Room and Meal) €70 per day
  • Day Care Treatment (Room and Meal) in Intensive Care Unit €175 per day
  • Transfer costs of decedent €3.500
  • Maternity (normal birth delivery or cesarean section) maximum amount €650

Coverage 90% for decedent transfer and for Child Birth 100%

Maximum amount covered due to illness or accident out of hospital:

  • Per incident €700
  • Per insured period €1.750
  • Per doctor visit €20

Coverage by 90%

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With the TRUcare card, medical expenses for In-patient treatment can be paid directly through Hospitals and Clinics, without any charge, in Cyprus or abroad. In case of a scheduled hospitalisation you must inform the company at least 7 days before your admission to the clinic / hospital. In the event of an unexpected incident, please contact us before your discharge so that your claim assessment process can begin.

Out-hospital costs are the necessary reasonable and usual expenses incurred due to illness or accident by the Insured and its dependants (if they are included in the insurance) for their medical treatment as outpatients in Cyprus. It covers also any reasonable and standard expenses abroad, provided that the covered person is on a business trip or vacation, for a period not exceeding sixty (60) days each trip. The coverage provided by the Additional Benefit is according to the Benefits Table of the Insurance policy and the compensation is equal to the Compensation Percentage of the relevant expenses mentioned in the Benefits Table.

In general, health insurance plans offer immediate coverage in the event of personal injury from an accident. In the event of illness, insurance coverage begins after 30 days from the date of the insurance policy. In any case, contact your agent or the company to receive more information.

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