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Claims Liability

Claims Liability

Inform the Company right after an incident has occurred by providing the following

  • Fill in the Claim Form
  • Submit to the company the Claim Form together with any supporting documents
  • Once all the details have been gathered and the evaluation is completed, the Claims Department will contact you

Public Liability coverage Limits

When deciding on the coverage limit, the insurer must consider the maximum claim that one can make against him.

This can be done by taking into account the company turnover

 In the event of a fire or multiple personal injuries, some companies may have to deal with claims for damages well in excess of that amount.


Employer Liability

Employer Liability coverage is offered for accidents or illnesses for which the employer is responsible for. If it has no legal liability, so there will be no claim for coverage. And of course, depending on the nature of the work, a coverage limit is set.


According to the legislation the limits are:

  • Per employee €160,000
  • Per case or series of cases €3,415,000
  • Total limit per insured period €5,125,000

For more information contact your Insurance Agent or
one of our Customer Service Branches all over Cyprus.

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