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Claims Motor


Damages & Accidents

In case of damage or accident:

Call Roadside Assistance Service

A specialist will come to you as soon as possible to record the conditions under which the accident happened, take pictures of the scene, and obtain the necessary information

In case the vehicle is immobilized then Roadside Assistance Service will take care of:

  • Transport of vehicle to a workshop/garage of your choice
  • If possible, it will repair on the spot problems involving oil change, battery repair, flat tire etc.
  • Redirect the vehicle on a public road should it be found off it

In case of grave damage and/or injury, please call the Police immediately on 112.

Claim form needs to be submitted to Trust Head Offices as soon as all necessary documents are gathered:


  • Completed Claim form, Motor Vehicle Registration, Driver's Licence
  • Photographs of the vehicles involved at the scene of the accident taken by Roadside Assistance - Trust Assist    

24hrs Roadside and Accident Assistance

Windscreen Assistance

In each case, customer's details are verified by checking the following:

Contract is still valid

Contract is settled for payment

Under what insurance risk there is claim for

If the additional clauses, terms and conditions of the contract have been met

For more information contact your Insurance Agent or
one of our Customer Service Branches all over Cyprus.

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