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Claims Medical


Out Patient Care

The client can visit any doctor or clinic he/she wishes to receive medical advice and/or treatment that he/she feels it's better for them.
There is no need to inform the company prior to receiving any treatment, as simply an out-patient. What you need to do is:

  • Fill out and send to the company's Head Offices as soon as possible you Medical Care Claim Form.
  • Be sure that you have filled out and signed the Claim Form yourself, as well as your doctor, providing all requested information.
  •  The Claim Form needs to be accompanied by all necessary supporting documents as well as original receipts of medical expenses.

Either in Cyprus or abroad, we are with you!

If you need Medical assistance while traveling, call the Assist America Coordination and Management Center. You can also install the mobile app using the link and log in using the reference number 35-AL-TII-07231

Contact details and 24-hour Emergency Travel Helpline:

  • +1-609-275-4999 (outside USA) 
  • +1-877-488-9857 (within USA) 


24hrs Customer Service +357 22020444 (local calls)

In Patient Care

For in-patient treatment or day patient there is a Direct Claims Submission

  • In case the Company is informed by any Nursing Institution for inpatient care, a written response is immediately given to the Nursing Institution for the coverage of the policyholder, taking into account the terms and conditions arising from his contract.
  • Payments to affiliated Nursing Institutions are made directly by our Company.                           
  • For Nursing Institutions other than affiliates, we can arrange immediate payment if you contact us before your submission
  • Assessment and compensation of claims is based on the terms and conditions that arise through your contract.
  • The process of assessment and payment of the claim shall be completed no later than 20 days from the date of its receipt at the Head Offices, provided that you have submitted all the necessary supporting documents.
  • In case a claim is incomplete, the Company informs in writing of the necessary supporting documents required.

For more information contact your Insurance Agent or
one of our Customer Service Branches all over Cyprus.

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