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Home and contents multi-insurance policy "Home Shield"

Προστατεύστε το σπίτι σας και τα υπάρχοντά σας με ασφάλεια σπιτιού στην Κύπρο.

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"Home Shield" Insurance - ALL RISK

Protect your home and your belongings with Trust's Home Insurance in Cyprus. Trust offers home insurance quotes also online.There are basic plans that cover all kinds of risks, such as damage caused by fire or theft. However, if you want something more specific, you can choose specific plans that only cover certain parts of your property. Your home is your shelter, your security, and a legacy for your children! 

Home Shield is a comprehensive home insurance plan a premium rate, designed specifically to meet your needs and protect your property from unexpected risks, whether you are a landlord or a homeowner.

home shield insurance

Why TRUST Home Insurance "Home Shield"

All Risk

Insures Building, Contents (Furniture, Household Equipment, Valuables) and your personal belongings and money in Cyprus and abroad

Premium Price

The insurance cover and free benefits provided include almost all the risks that threaten a home and is perhaps the most comprehensive insurance plan on the market.

Flexible Property Insurance Plans

Home Shield adapts to your needs. You choose the coverages you deem necessary, to design a personalized insurance plan tailored to your needs, without any charge! In addition, one policy can cover all your homes throughout Cyprus

Accidental Damage Coverage

With "Home Shield" home insurance you can choose to insure your property with Accidental Damage cover which is the most comprehensive form of Insurance.

Always by your side

Home Assistance Service: includes Emergency Home Technical Assistance Services and Home Technical Assistance Advisory Service. 24-hour Technical Assistance Service at 800 92 670 from Specialized Technicians, who offer immediate solutions to Plumbing and Electrical Installations, Locks and Glass Panels

We Care

Because Trust Insurance people are always by your side to help you make the best choice, with reliability, responsibility, professionalism and consistency!

Who Is This Insurance For?

Home insurance addresses home owners and tenants who want to protect their property and belongings from various risks and unforeseen events, such as fire, accidents, third party liability insurance, damage to the home, etc.

house insurance cyprus

Basic coverage of building and contents

  • Fire and Smoke
  • Explosion
  • Lightning strike
  • Impact
  • Earthquake
  • Storm, Thunderstorm
  • Flood
  • Theft and damage during the attempted theft involving entry or exit to the home by violent means
  • Strikes, Political or Workplace Riots
  • Malicious Actions
  • Water or Fuel leakage
  • Fall of trees

Extensions without extra cost

  • Accidental Breakage of Sanitary Ware and Glassware
  • Accidental Cables Damage
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Architectural and Demolition Fees
  • Loss of Rental Income
  • Relocation Expenses
  • Fatal Injury
  • Civil Liability
  • Accidental Glass Breakage
  • Relocation Fees, Rent - Payable
  • Locks Replacement
  • Loss of water meter, Oil or Gas
  • Visitors Items
  • Consumable Items in Freezer, Refrigerator
  • Garden
  • Items Outdoor and Building area
  • Tenant Liability
  • Electrical Circuits, Short Circuit
  • Temporary move of contents

Optional Coverage

By choosing optional damage coverage, you expand your Home Shield to an All Risk insurance policy:

  • Accidental Building damage
  • Accidental Content damage
  • Personal belongings, money & credit cards (outside the residence)
  • Theft
  • Extension of non-Residential Building


Only when I have my own home do I need to have home insurance or even if I am a tenant?

We want to feel safe in our home, whether we are homeowners or renters. 

That is why Trust Insurance Cyprus has designed home insurance plans specifically for every need. If you are a homeowner you choose to insure the Building and Contents. If you are renters, choose to insure only the contents of your home. Your furniture, appliances and general personal belongings are also vulnerable to many different risks.

With Home Shield choose to insure:

  • Building
  • Content (Furniture, Home Appliances, Valuable Items) including Personal Items and Money Abroad
  • Building and Content

What should I do in case of damage to my home?

In the event of damage, try to keep details of the incident with photos, invoices or receipts from the municipality or local emergency services. Do not carry out repair work before obtaining the Company's consent.    

In the event of a major damage, an estimator is sent by the Company and an evaluation assessment is performed.

In the event of theft, a first oral report is provided to the Company. It is also necessary to report to the police and fully register the stolen property providing any evidence. The Claim Form should be completed and signed together with the Police Report and sent to the Company. Once the evaluation is completed, the Claims Department will contact you for the outcome result.

During your insurance period it is very important that you take all protective measures to avoid increase of damage but also measures to reduce the damage.

What’s included in Technical Service Assistance? When and how do I contact the Technical Service Assistance?

Our Company provides its customers with a Technical Support Service in case of emergency. With a simple phone call to 800 92 670, a specialist will quickly visit you to address the problem.

The purpose of this service is to provide immediate technical assistance to repair a damage caused to the insured home by providing the following services:

  • cost of labour
  • Moving costs of technician
  • cost of required materials
  • also provides services for non-urgent cases in order to budget for work you wish to carry out


If the offer is accepted by the customer, then the Technical Support will undertake to provide:

  • Coordination of works
  • Quality guarantee for the period of 6 months, as well as
  • Checking of costs that in these cases are borne by the Insured


The professional Technicians will under take to provide services such as:

  • Plumbing installations
  • Electrical installations
  • Construction works
  • Painting and other

What is home insurance?

Home insurance is a type of property insurance that offers financial protection in case of a disaster, accident or loss. It covers damages and losses to the house’s structure and contents, including furniture and valuables. It can cover the cash value of potential damages or the replacement value.

Is home insurance compulsory in Cyprus?

Homeowners in Cyprus are not required by the Law to have home insurance. However, this type of property coverage protects owners from damages and risks associated with theft, unruly guests, natural disasters, fire, earthquakes, etc.

Can I get home insurance for my rental property?

The right insurance type for renters is rental property insurance, because standard home insurance policies usually do not cover long-term rentals.

How much home insurance do I need?

The amount of home insurance you need depends on the size of your home, value of contents, location, building costs, etc. Talk to one of Trust’s insurance agents about our comprehensive and reliable home insurance packages.

What is covered in home insurance?

Homeowners Insurance coverage typically includes furniture, sports and music equipment, artwork, valuables, clothes, and building structures in case of fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters and other insured events.

Read more about what is usually covered in the home insurance.

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