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Professional Liability Insurance for Chemists

Indemnity Insurance For Clinical Labs

As a chemist or laboratory owner in Cyprus, you understand the importance of providing accurate and reliable testing and analysis services. However, even with the utmost care and attention, mistakes can occur, leading to potential liability claims. That's why having the right insurance coverage is crucial for protecting your business and reputation. Trust offers a specialized Chemist Liability insurance plan that provides comprehensive coverage for chemists and laboratory owners. With Trust's tailored coverage, you can focus on delivering quality services to your clients, knowing your business is protected. Get a quote today.

Why TRUST Medical Lab Liability Insurance

Full Coverage

Customised coverage for those wishing to provide services to the General Healthcare System (GHS)

Double coverage limits

Double Coverage Limits at no extra cost

Who Is This Insurance For?

Aimed at all Chemists and Laboratories.


It covers the liability of the Insured and its employees by negligent acts or omissions in connection with its activities.

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  • To provide all the information required in the insurance policy or any other Form in full clarity
  • Pay premiums according to the payment plan as listed on your insurance policy table
  • Take all necessary measures to avoid bodily harm, loss or damage and comply with the provisions of the legislation 
  • Notify the company in case of change that will increase the level of risk
  • Refer to the Company immediately and provide them with full details of the claim in writing 
  • Take reasonable precautions to prevent or reduce the claim extension
  • Non-acceptance of liability, offer, promise or payment without the written consent of the Company
  • Comply with the terms of the insurance policy

The deductible amount is the amount or percentage that is not covered and/or deducted from the amount for each claim separately.

There is a detailed list of coverage limitations in the insurance policy.


The start and end of the coverage is determined in the Table of the Insurance Policy. The duration of the insurance is 12 months, unless another insurance period is agreed between the two parties.

Liability insurance for chemists and laboratories provides coverage for the legal liabilities that these businesses may face if a customer suffers harm or damage due to their work. This can include accidental injury, product defects, or property damage.

Many businesses in the chemical and laboratory industries may need liability insurance, including manufacturers, distributors, testing laboratories, and research facilities. The specific types of coverage needed may vary depending on the size and nature of the business and the specific services they provide.

Liability insurance for chemists and laboratories can protect against various risks, including product liability, professional liability, general liability, and more. Coverage may also be available for environmental liability, pollution, and other risks unique to the chemical and laboratory industries.

The liability insurance coverage needed for a chemist or laboratory business may vary depending on several factors, including the size and scope of the company, the types of services provided, and the potential risks and liabilities the business faces. Businesses should consult with our Trust Insurance agents to determine the appropriate level of coverage for their needs.

Some best practices for managing liability risks in the chemical and laboratory industries include implementing robust quality control and testing processes, providing proper training and education for staff, following relevant regulatory guidelines and standards, and carrying appropriate liability insurance coverage. Maintaining accurate records and documentation is also important to help mitigate potential legal liabilities.

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