Honorary recognition of longstanding support to Karaiskakio Foundation

Trust Insurance, is synonymous to trusting in people and humanity. Synonymous to social contribution.


A longstanding supporter of the Karaiskakio Foundation, Trust Insurance was yet again present alongside the Cause, this time to celebrate 25 years of existence. Within these two and a half decades Karaiskakio helped 650 leukemia and other blood related disease patients, in 33 different countries, in 5 continents, and has created the largest per capita bone marrow data bank, with more than 180000 samples, from both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.


During a sentimental soiree on Tuesday June 29th 2021, the Board of the Foundation honored 25 funders who have been supporting Karaiskakio over these 25 years.


Amongst them, Trust Insurance Cyprus. Trust Insurance Cyprus.


In the presence of highly esteemed guest from all walks of state, business, and social life, on behalf of Trust Insurance, CEO Christos Christodoulou and deputy Chairman of the company Kamel AbuNahl received the recognition.


Although emotions were running high over sentimental patient stories, love was in the air.

Trust vowed to keep supporting Karaiskakio Foundation for as long as it supports those battling leukemia and other blood relates diseases.

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