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Personal Accident Insurance

personal accident insurance cyprus

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Personal Accident Insurance for anything that may happen

Are you looking for reliable and comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance in Cyprus? Trust offers a range of personal insurance solutions, including coverage for health and accidents. Our personal accident insurance policies protect you in case of unexpected events, such as accidents or illnesses, giving you peace of mind and financial security. Browse our website to learn more about the available insurance options and find the perfect plan for you and your loved ones.

personal accident insurance cyprus

Why TRUST personal accident insurance

24hrs Coverage


Choose the Personal Accident Insurance and prepare for any accident that may occur.

Flexible Insurance Policy

Option to choose the amount coverage according to your needs.

Who Is This Insurance For?

Aimed at individuals who want to protect themselves or their family in case of an accident or medical disease.

personal accident insurance


It covers the insured against physical injury caused by an accident.

The insurer or legal heirs will be compensated the specified amount based on the following benefits:

  • Death
  • Permanent total Disability
  • Permanent partial Disability
  • Temporary total Disability (weekly benefit)
  • Medical Expenses


What should I do in case of an accident?

Notify your insurance company, fill in the required form and follow the claim procedure.

What does it mean Permanent total Disability?

Accidental bodily harm which will prevent the Insured Person exclusively and directly, within 12 months from the day of accident, from engaging or paying attention to its usual profession or occupation.

Who determines the insured amount for each benefit?

This is up to you and the premium you are willing to pay. However, there are limits to each benefit as well as limitations on the combinations of benefits. Find out about the coverage's and make the best deal for yourself. The amounts that are accepted and included in the Insurance are the ones that will be paid, in case of an accident.

What is personal accident insurance and why is it important?

Personal accident insurance protects policyholders from accidents. It compensates them in case of injuries, disability to work, or death caused by a violent, external, and unforeseen event. It covers medical and hospitalization expenses and helps pay for alternative treatments. If accidental death occurs, insurance may cover the lump sum payout.

Does personal accident insurance cover overseas?

Personal accident insurance can cover overseas under certain conditions. Please consult with one of Trust’s insurance agents for more information about personal accident insurance policies and overseas coverage.

What is covered in personal accident insurance?

Personal accident insurance covers injuries or disabilities caused to the Insured by an accident. It compensates people who were left unable to work, disabled, or suffered a defined injury or fractured bones after an accident. Beneficiaries are paid in one lump sum or on a monthly basis to reimburse for missed income.

Is personal accident insurance compulsory in Cyprus?

No, personal accident insurance is not compulsory in Cyprus. However, it is an important policy to have as there is always a chance to suffer physical injury from an accident.

How much personal accident insurance should I get?

The amount of personal accident insurance you need depends on the risks of your lifestyle, age, medical history, and several other factors etc. Talk to one of Trust’s insurance agents about our comprehensive personal accident insurance packages.

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Personal Accident Insurance