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How To Protect Your Home From Thieves

Property crimes have several names. Burglaries, theft, and home invasions are all variations of the same problem with one thing to expect: significant losses.

Taking extra precautions is essential to protect yourself and your family from thieves. This article will explore how thieves target homes and provide actionable tips on protecting your home from potential thieves.

How Do Thieves Target Homes?

"Opportunity makes a thief." Funny as this famous saying may sound, it's true. Thieves target homes that appear to be easy targets. They look for signs of vulnerability that can include:

1. No Security Systems

It's a sad fact that burglaries happen, and having no visible security system installed on your home can make it a prime target for thieves. Burglars look for easy targets, and if they don't see any cameras, motion detectors, or alarms in place, they may assume that the house is an easy target. So, those homeowners need to take steps to secure their properties.

Installing visible security systems can make a big difference in deterring burglars. They're more likely to move on to an easier target when they see cameras, motion detectors, and alarms. Plus, even if they attempt to break in, the systems can alert you or the authorities, giving you a better chance of stopping the burglary or catching the thief.

2. Signs That You Are Absent

Leaving your home unattended can make it vulnerable to theft, and burglars often look for signs that you're not around. One common indication is an unkempt lawn or garden. If your yard seems neglected, with overgrown grass and untrimmed bushes, it can be a sign that you're away from home. This can make your home a target for burglars, who may assume nobody is around to notice any suspicious activity.

The key is to make it look like someone is there. It's essential to create the illusion that someone is present in your home, even when you're away. One way to achieve this is by hiring a lawn care service to maintain your yard or leaving a light open inside the house when you are away.

3. Signs Of Owning Luxury Items

Owning luxury items can signify success and accomplishment but also make you a thief target. Burglars are often on the lookout for valuable items they can quickly sell for profit, such as luxury cars, expensive jewelry, and high-end electronics. If you own any of these items, taking precautions to protect them is essential.

One crucial step is to keep these items out of sight from the street and neighboring properties. It can make it much easier for burglars to target them if visible. Consider investing in a lock box to store valuable items when you're not using them.

4. Open Curtains

Leaving your curtains open and windows unlocked may seem like a minor oversight, but it can make your home an easy target for thieves. Open curtains provide burglars with an unobstructed view of the valuables inside your home, making it easier for them to identify what they want to steal. Unlocked windows provide a quick and easy entry point for burglars, allowing them to access your home without much effort.

To protect your home from thieves, you need to pay close attention to any openings that could be exploited. This includes keeping your curtains closed and windows locked when you're not at home or you’re sleeping. It's also important to ensure that all entry points to your home, including doors and windows, are secure and in good condition.

5. Home Lights Are Off

A home with no lights on can signal to burglars that no one is at home, making it easier for them to break in undetected. In addition to being a clear indicator that the home is empty, darkness can provide cover for burglars to work without fear of being seen by neighbors or passersby. For this reason, it's crucial to keep the exterior of your house well-lit to deter potential burglars.

Consider installing motion-activated lights near entryways and leaving some lights on when you're away to make your home less vulnerable to theft. They can surprise intruders and alert you or your neighbors to their presence. Leaving a few lights on inside your home can also give the impression that someone is at home, making it less attractive to burglars.

6. Home Looks Empty

An unoccupied home can be a prime target for burglars, as it allows them to enter and search for valuable items without fear of being interrupted. This is especially true if your home appears empty, with no cars in the driveway, no lights on inside, and no signs of activity. To avoid attracting unwanted attention from burglars, it's important to make your home look occupied even when you're away.

Having a trusted friend or neighbor check on your home periodically while you're away can effectively make it appear as if someone is present. They make sure everything looks secure and in order, and do things like park a car in the driveway or turn lights on and off to give the impression of activity, further reducing the signs that your home is unoccupied.

7. Unopened Packages & Mails On Your Home

Unopened packages and mail left unattended at your doorstep can signal to burglars that no one is home, making it easier for them to break in and steal your possessions. This is especially true if the packages or mail have been sitting there for several days, as this can be a clear sign that no one is around to collect them.

To prevent unattended packages and mail from attracting the attention of burglars, it's best to have a trusted friend or family member pick them up regularly when you're away. If this isn't an option, you can have your packages delivered to a secure location such as a post office box, a locker at a delivery center, or a local store for pickup. These simple steps will ensure that your home appears occupied and will therefore reduce the theft risk.

8. Social Media (Posting On Social That You Own Luxury Items)

Posting about your luxury items on social media can seem harmless fun, but it can also signal potential burglars that your home is a prime target for theft. These posts can reveal your location, what you own, and when you're not at home, making it easier for thieves to plan and execute a break-in. It's essential to be mindful of what you post online, especially when it comes to expensive items.

Before posting about your luxury items or vacation plans, think twice about who can see your posts and what information you share. It's always better to keep personal information private to avoid becoming an easy target for burglars.

How To Protect Your Home From Thieves?

The Home insurance is very important for you. Now that we have examined how criminals target homes, let's explore some actionable tips to protect your home from potential thieves.

  • Install a Security System – An alarm system will help keep your home safe. You can also get door and window sensors, motion detectors and security cameras.
  • Lock windows and doors – Make sure all entry points to your home are secured with security locks. The new “smart” locks are a great option for added security.
  • Use motion sensor lighting around the home – Motion sensor lighting can deter thieves by illuminating the exterior of your home when someone approaches.
  • Prune bushes or trees that could provide cover for potential intruders – Trees and tall plants around the perimeter of the home can provide cover for thieves trying to break into your home.
  • Keep valuables away from windows and doors – Make sure valuables are not visible through windows or doors attracting the attention of potential burglars.
  • Lock up stairs, tools and other items that can facilitate a break-in – Lock up any items that could be used for a thief to climb into your home or break a window to gain entry (eg tools).
  • Invest in an alarm system with monitoring service – A modern alarm system can alert you and the authorities if someone attempts to break into your home.
  • Install surveillance cameras around the exterior of your home – Security cameras can provide an extra layer of protection by recording any suspicious activity around your property.
  • Get Comprehensive Home Insurance – In addition to the above security measures, it is essential to have insurance coverage that can protect you against theft. Home insurance with theft coverage can help cover the cost of replacing stolen items and repairing damage caused during a burglary.

Protect Your Home With Trust Insurance Cyprus

A comprehensive home insurance policy is an excellent investment for protecting your home. Trust Insurance is a leading home insurance provider in Cyprus, providing excellent coverage against thieves.

We offer competitive rates and excellent customer service. We understand that the security of your home is important, which is why we strive to provide our customers with the coverage they need to feel secure. 

Contact us today and learn more about how Trust can help protect your home and valuables from thieves!

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