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How To Check That My Car Is Insured In Cyprus?

Have you recently bought a car in Cyprus? Are you concerned about your car insurance in case of an accident? Many car owners and drivers want to know how to check if their car is insured and what options are available for car insurance in Cyprus.


Car insurance is one of the most important aspects of owning a vehicle. It provides financial protection if your vehicle is damaged or stolen, and covers hospital bills and construction charges when someone has been injured or suffered property damage because of your vehicle.


It is essential for all vehicles on the road to be properly insured. An adequately insured vehicle offers financial protection to yourself, your passengers, other road users and pedestrians in the unfortunate scenario that something goes wrong.


Navigating the different types of car insurance policies offered in Cyprus can be pretty confusing. But you have nothing to worry about! In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on finding out if your car is insured in Cyprus so that you drive across the island with confidence and peace of mind.

How Can I Check If My Car Is Insured?

Checking if your car is insured in Cyprus is simple and straightforward.
The easiest way to check is by contacting your insurance company directly. The company’s customer support center or your local insurance agent should be able to inform you if your car insurance is valid, and what or who is covered.


It is essential to know that according to the Department of Transport of the Republic of Cyprus, all motor vehicles on the island must be insured for third party risks at a minimum. Motor vehicles towing trailers must have extra insurance. Υπουργείο Μεταφορών της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας


The compulsory third-party liability insurance applies to all drivers in EU countries. It covers drivers when they get involved in an accident that caused injury to anyone other than the driver or damage to property. It doesn't cover other costs, for example, the cost of repairs to the driver’s vehicle.


Of course, for your car to be insured, you must first register it with the local authorities.

Can You Check Online If A Car Is Insured?

Yes, you can check if a car is insured online.


Many auto insurance companies have a particular section on their websites that enables customers to check their accounts and confirm the validity of their vehicle’s coverage.


For drivers covered by Trust Insurance Cyprus, please contact your personal Trust insurance agent, who will help you by checking your vehicle’s insurance status on your behalf.

How To Check If Your Insurance Is Valid?

Check Your Policy Documents

Your insurance policy contains information about the insured vehicle, the car registration number in Cyprus, and details on your coverage's start and end date. If your policy is up to date and accurate, it will display whether or not your insurance is still valid.

Check Your Insurance Certificate

Your car insurance certificate will list details of your insurance policy, including coverage type and dates. Make sure you check the accuracy of all information on this document to ensure you are fully covered and protected against potential losses.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Your car insurance certificate will list details of your insurance policy, including coverage type and dates. Make sure you check the accuracy of all information on this document to ensure you are fully covered and protected against potential losses.

Confirm with Your Bank

If you purchased your car insurance with your bank card, your bank might have a record of all completed payments, which you can check to determine if a recent payment has been made toward renewing the policy and keeping it active.


Checking with them can also help identify if there are any existing gaps in coverage due to missed payments, so confirm everything before leaving yourself without protection in case of an unexpected incident.

How Can I Check Online If My Car Insurance Expires?

Checking if your car insurance is still valid online is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is contact your car insurance provider and ask.


Most companies provide a website where you can review your policy and coverage details, including when it expires. Additionally, some companies may send notifications when your policy is close to expiring so that you can take necessary action in time.


Trust Insurance Cyprus has a broad network of insurance agents across the island who can help our clients check when their auto insurance expires, without them having to spend time and effort. The agents can do everything for you, from filing claims to ensuring you receive your compensation as fast as possible.

How Do I Find My Car Insurance Policy Number?

Your car insurance policy number is usually included in your insurance documents. All relevant documents are typically sent to you by email and/or letter when you purchase or renew your policy. Check your email inbox or your offline database to see if you can find any correspondence from your insurance company.


If you need help finding your policy documents, you may contact your insurance company or agent directly. They should be able to provide you with your policy number over the phone or by email.

What Happens If My Car Is Not Insured In Cyprus?

If you drive a car in Cyprus without insurance, you will have to deal with the country’s law about road accidents and severe penalties. Any accidents or incidents caused by an uninsured vehicle will be entirely the car owner’s responsibility, even if he/she is not at fault. This could lead to civil and criminal proceedings, depending on the severity of the incident.


Additionally, you could receive a fine and temporary suspension of your license for up to six months. It is strongly recommended that all drivers have insurance before driving a vehicle in Cyprus to avoid any legal complications.

What Car Insurance Do I Need?

When it comes to car insurance in Cyprus, you need to buy the mandatory third-party liability coverage at a minimum. This type of insurance provides financial compensation if you are found to be legally responsible for someone else’s injury or damage to their property.

Additional types of optional coverage are also available for car owners who want extra protection no matter what happens. Here are the most essential types of optional car and motor insurance in Cyprus:


  • Fire & Theft Insurance - Covers damage to your vehicle caused by fire or theft.
  • Personal Accident Insurance - Provides compensation in the event of accidental injury or death of the driver or passengers of the insured vehicle.
  • Breakdown and 24/7 Roadside Assistance Insurance - Covers the cost of breakdown and emergency roadside assistance. - Covers the cost of breakdown and emergency roadside assistance.
  • Comprehensive Insurance - Covers your own vehicle against accidental damage, theft, and fire, and third-party liability.

You can choose optional insurance based on your individual needs and budget. You may speak with an experienced insurance agent of Trust Insurance Cyprus in order to find the best policy and insurance plan deals for your needs.

Get A Car Insurance From Trust

Car insurance is essential for all vehicle owners to have because it provides financial protection in the event of an accident.

If you are responsible for a car accident, your car insurance policy will help cover the costs of any damages or injuries caused. It can also help protect you from liability if another person gets hurt while driving your car.

Having third-party liability car insurance is required by the Cyprus law, so without it, you could face hefty fines and penalties.

Get car insurance from Trust Insurance today and drive all around Cyprus with confidence!

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