The old's different…

One could say that one of the most essential tools we have to make our lives easier today is the car. If we simply see it as part of our daily lives then we have a faster and safer mean of transportation. But there is another point of view, where for some, the car is a part of themselves. There are few who feel happy and satisfied just by spending hours with their favourite vehicle. Whether it's new or old ...

We will dwell on those 'crazy' who love old cars and have a passion for them, where we see an incredible commitment to bringing them back to life. They take old cars that could have been scrap metal and refurbish them by giving them 'life'.
There are a lot of collectors, that's why it's been booming over the last few years in our country, where we see car clubs being set up, events being organised and generally everything to do with classic cars and antiques.

It is really hard to do such a hobby if you do not love it but incredibly easy if you have a taste and the like "madness". Passion, craziness and love make up the DNA of all those who deal with classic cars.

We value these classic cars at an estimate €140

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