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Employer Liability Insurance

Comprehensive Employer's Liability insurance tailored to your business’ needs

Protect your most valuable business assets with employer liability insurance in Cyprus. Trust Insurance offers competitive employers’ liability insurance plans with flexible coverage.When it comes to running a successful company, your employees are the backbone of your operations. It is crucial to prioritize their well-being and protect them from any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the course of their employment. This is where employer liability insurance becomes essential.


That's why you should opt for the best insurance coverage for your professional family, but also for yourself as a business owner. Increased liability limits and coverage even abroad are just some of the benefits you can enjoy with Trust Insurance. By choosing Trust as your insurer, you can rest assured knowing that you have a reliable partner who will support you through every step of the process. Get a quote today.


Why Trust Employer Liability Insurance


Option to increase liability premium

Coverage abroad

Coverage abroad for residents in Cyprus

Who Is This Insurance For?

Aimed at professionals and organisations that employ individuals and their insurance is compulsory for every employer, in accordance with the Employer Liability Insurance Act. It helps employers handle the financial burden of such claims, including medical expenses and lost wages, while also protecting the rights of employees who may face significant challenges due to work-related incidents.

Employer Liability Coverage

Our plan is tailored to protect your company from potential financial risks arising from workplace-related injuries or illnesses. At Trust Insurance, we recognize the paramount importance of ensuring that your employees are well taken care of in the event of unfortunate accidents or health issues during their employment.


It covers your Legal Liability as an Employer for compensating your employees in case of:


  • Physical Injury caused by an accident
  • Occupational Disease, defined in relevant regulations that are caused as a result and during their employment
  • Death
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Employer Liability FAQ

Employer Liability coverage is offered for accidents or illnesses for which the employer is responsible for. If it has no legal liability, so there will be no claim for coverage.

According to the legislation the limits are:

  • Per employee €160,000
  • Per case or series of cases €3,415,000
  • Total limit per insured period €5,125,000

Depending on the nature of the work you can set the coverage limit.

When deciding on the coverage limit, one must consider the maximum claim that one can make against it. This can be done by taking into account the turnover of the Company. Some businesses, in the event of an extended fire or multiple personal injuries, may have to deal with claims for damages well in excess of that amount.

Employer Indemnity Insurance protects businesses and business owners when sued by a current or former employee for an illness, accident or injury suffered as a result of their job. Trust Insurance Cyprus offers comprehensive employer indemnity insurance plans that include coverage for compensation, legal fees and damages.

Employers' liability insurance is mandatory in Cyprus. This means that all employers in Cyprus are required by the Law to insure themselves against legal and compensation costs arising from employee claims. Uninsured employers are prosecuted under Cyprus Law and may be charged with imprisonment (up to 12 months) or fines (up to €‎1,500 Euro). This insurance type protects companies against costs relevant to workplace illnesses, injuries, accidents and deaths. It does not cover claims for discrimination, wrongful termination or sexual harassment.

Self-employed contractors usually are not covered under Employer Liability Insurance. Only contractors employed by a company can be covered by the company's Employer Liability Insurance.

Volunteers who got ill or injured through work can be compensated by the organization’s Employer Liability Insurance.

The cost of an Employer Liability Insurance plan depends on the insurance provider, particular risks of the work, type of coverage, location, number of employees, limits, payroll, industry, claims history and risk.

In Cyprus, an employee dismissed unlawfully after being continuously employed for more than 26 weeks has a right to compensation payable by the employer. In other cases, employers liability insurance can pay for claims that arise out of the employment contract, according to the chosen limit of indemnity.

Employer's liability insurance is required by Law in Cyprus. As an employer, you are liable for the health and safety of your staff while at work. In case of an accident that resulted in an employee being injured or made ill due to the work’s nature or while in the workplace, the employee can raise a legal claim and claims for compensation against their employer.

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