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Protect your and your family’s health with reliable health insurance in Cyprus. We offer specialized private medical insurance plans, full and flexible, with benefits and coverage abroad.


Our daily life runs fast and we often neglect to look after our own health. But life can be unpredictable. This is why Trust has created the right conditions to safeguard you and your family members. TRUcare is an innovative, dynamic and multi-purpose medical care insurance program offering out-hospital and in-hospital care treatment.

Why TRUST Health Insurance "TRUcare"

Full and Flexible

It provides the most specialised and extensive Medical care plan. Adjust it according to your needs and select a plan to complement existing coverage offered by the General Healthcare System (GHS)

Coverage abroad

24hrs Customer Service Assistant at +35722 020444
24hrs Emergency Medical Assistance Abroad at +30210650441

With benefits

Discount is provided to families and group plans

Who Is This Insurance For?

The Health insurance TRUcare provides coverage for individuals and their families, ensuring access to necessary healthcare services. It offers financial protection against the high costs of medical treatments, consultations, medications, and hospital stays.

Health Insurance Coverage

It covers Hospital treatment and Emergency Medical Assistance abroad.

Additional (optional) benefits such as:

  • Extend coverage Abroad
  • Out-hospital medical treatment and annual check up

Basic plan benefits and covered treatment for:

  • Room and board
  • Doctor, surgeon & anaesthesiologist fee
  • Laboratory diagnostics, medicines & other consumables
  • Expenses before and after medical treatment
  • Accommodation costs for minor companion
  • Hospital treatment outside of Cyprus

Surgery without overnight stay:

  • Covers Operating Surgery Room Expenses
  • Covers Surgeon & Anaesthesiologist Fees

Emergency transfer of patient

Child birth benefits (lump-sum allowance payment)

  • Normal Birth Delivery / Cesarean Section
  • Abortion/Cervical

Organ Transplant

Home Nursing

Hospital Cash Benefit

Additional benefits:

  • Emergency Medical Assistance Abroad and Extension Coverage
  • Direct settlement with hospital/clinic
  • Immediate response and settlement of your claims
  • Discount is provided to families and group plans
  • 24hrs Customer Service +357 22020444 (local calls)
  • Επείγουσα Ιατρική Βοήθεια στο εξωτερικό – 24ωρη Γραμμή Εξυπηρέτησης εκτός ΗΠΑ +1-609-275-4999 . Εντός ΗΠΑ  +1-877-488-9857 

3 Basic Health plans

Offers 3 Basic Health plans with maximum annual coverage per person:


  • ESSENTIAL €50.000
  • CENTRIC €250.000
  • MAX €1.000.000

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Health Insurance FAQ

TRUcare is a complete health insurance plan and offers comprehensive medical care in Private Hospitals without waiting and uncertainty. Choose a health plan with coverages complementary to those of GESYfor more serious health incidents that will require immediate treatment and hospitalization.

With the TRUcare card, medical expenses for Inpatient Care can be paid directly through Hospitals and Clinics, without any charge, in Cyprus or abroad.

In case of a scheduled hospitalisation you must inform the company at least 7 days before your admission to the clinic / hospital. In the event of an unexpected incident, please contact us before your discharge so that your claim assessment process can begin.

Out-hospital costs are the necessary reasonable and usual expenses incurred due to illness or accident by the Insured and its dependants (if they are included in the insurance) for their medical treatment as outpatients in Cyprus. It covers also any reasonable and standard expenses abroad, provided that the covered person is on a business trip or vacation, for a period not exceeding sixty (60) days each trip. The coverage provided by the Additional Benefit is according to the Benefits Table of the Insurance policy and the compensation is equal to the Compensation Percentage of the relevant expenses mentioned in the Benefits Table.



Yes, medical insurance can cover dental work as an extension to the basic coverage. Please consult with one of Trust’s insurance agents for more information about health insurance and dental insurance adds-on.

Yes, health insurance can cover pre-existing medical conditions under certain circumstances. In any case, the clients should inform us about his medical history, past diseases or illnesses and any relevant treatment received. For recent medical conditions, there might be an additional premium. Please consult with one of Trust’s insurance agents for more information about health insurance and pre-existing medical conditions.

Health insurance can cover you when traveling abroad under certain circumstances. However, it would be best to purchase travel insurance for your leisure trips or business travel insurance for business trips. Please consult with one of Trust’s insurance agents for more information about health insurance when traveling abroad.

From June 1st 2020, the GESY includes healthcare services for accidents and emergencies, inpatient care, ambulance services, nurses, home visits by nurses, allied healthcare providers, palliative healthcare, rehabilitation, and preventive dental care. Please consult with one of Trust’s insurance agents for more information about health insurance policies and how they can be combined with GESY services.

Cyprus’ residents have to opt for private health insurance if they are not covered by the Cyprus social security system. However, even if you are covered by GESY, it is a great idea to have private health insurance too. Most Cypriots and foreign residents opt for private health insurance, because it provides access to the best medical practitioners and hospitals in the country.



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