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Health Insurance for Students Abroad

Tailored Insurance Policies For Students

Our children’s health is our main concern wherever they are. Trust has created a health insurance plan exclusively for Cypriot students studying abroad.

Our student health policy is specially crafted to provide comprehensive coverage for students, offering peace of mind to both parents and educational institutions. At Trust Insurance, we understand that a healthy student is a successful student, and we are committed to offering the best possible protection for their medical needs. With our tailored insurance plans, students can focus on their studies and personal growth, knowing that they have access to quality healthcare whenever they need it.

If your son or daughter is studying abroad, rely on Trust for comprehensive health insurance coverage for every step of their journey. Choose Trust as your trusted partner for health insurance coverage specifically tailored to Cypriot students studying abroad. Get started today and ensure that your child's journey is not only educational but also safe and protected.

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Why TRUST Health Insurance for Students Abroad


It provides comprehensive in-hospital treatment care, in case of an accident or illness, as well as medical and diagnostic fees coverage

Customised to your personal needs

Students studying abroad and their parents should no longer worry about unexpected expenses

Who Is This Insurance For?

Aimed at Cypriot students from the age of 18-30 who are studying abroad. This type of insurance is suitable for students including those attending schools, colleges, universities, and other educational programs abroad. Student Health Insurance offers essential coverage, giving both parents and educational institutions peace of mind in knowing that their students' health is protected.


The Student Health Program offers coverage for inpatient care in case of an accident or illness:


  • Maximum annual amount €50.000
  • Annual deductible amount €100

100% coverage for the following:


  • Doctor, surgeon & anaesthesiologist fee
  • Drugs & Dressings
  • Diagnostics Tests
  • MRI and CT Scan
  • Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy
  • Surgery without overnight stay
  • Emergency transfer to hospital with ambulance
  • Organ Transplantation
  • Room and Meal up to €350
  • Physiotherapy (post surgery) €600

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It is a comprehensive program that protects students from the unpleasant consequences of an accident or an illness.

Internationally except USA and Canada

In general, health insurance plans offer immediate coverage in the event of personal injury from an accident. In the event of illness, insurance coverage begins after 30 days from the date of the insurance policy. In any case, contact your agent or the company to receive more information.

The Students Health Insurance is for Cypriot students from the age of 18-30 that are studying in Cyprus or abroad. Students must be enrolled part-time or full-time in an eligible academic institution, such as a college or university
The benefits of Students Health Insurance can be life-saving. Health insurance helps students access the medical care they need when they are ill or injured. Without health insurance, students may be unable to afford the required medical care, which could have serious consequences.
The cost of Student Health Insurance can vary greatly depending on the type of coverage you choose, the school you attend, and the location you live in. Contact a Trust’s insurance agent to provide a more accurate estimate.
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