Personal Accident

Insurance coverage for whatever may happen!

A sudden accident affecting your health or income can disrupt all your plans, dreams and even your family's peace. Trusts' Personal Accident Insurance program offers protection to anyone in the event of an accident, which can occur at work, at home, or anywhere else, even while you are abroad.

Why TRUST Personal Accident

24hrs Coverage


Option to choose the amount coverage according to your needs.


Choose the Personal Accident Insurance and prepare for any accident that may occur.

Who is this for?

Aimed at individuals who want to protect themselves or their family in case of an accident or medical disease.


It covers the insured against physical injury caused by an accident.


The insurer or legal heirs will be compensated the specified amount based on the following benefits:


  • Death
  • Permanent total Disability
  • Permanent partial Disability
  • Temporary total Disability (weekly benefit)
  • Medical Expenses

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Notify your insurance company, fill in the required form and follow the claim procedure.

Accidental bodily harm which will prevent the Insured Person exclusively and directly, within 12 months from the day of accident, from engaging or paying attention to its usual profession or occupation.

This is up to you and the premium you are willing to pay. However, there are limits to each benefit as well as limitations on the combinations of benefits. Find out about the coverage's and make the best deal for yourself. The amounts that are accepted and included in the Insurance are the ones that will be paid, in case of an accident.

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