Employer Liability

Professional liability for each employer

Protect yourself and your staff from the responsibility and financial loss that can result from accidents and maintain the best working relationships with Trust 's Employer Liability Insurance Program.

Why TRUST Employer Liability

Option to increase liability premium

Structured according to the legislation provision

Who is this for?

Aimed at those who employ home staff. It covers your legal liability as an Employer for the payment of compensation to employees in respect of death or personal injury caused by an accident or occupational disease (specified in relevant regulations) caused during their employment.


It covers your legal liability as an Employer for claims by your employees in respect of:


  • Physical Injury caused by an accident
  • Occupational Disease, defined in relevant regulations that are caused as a result and during their employment
  • Death

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Employer Liability coverage is offered for accidents or illnesses for which the employer is responsible for. If it has no legal liability, so there will be no claim for coverage.

According to the legislation the limits are:

  • Per employee €160,000
  • Per case or series of cases €3,415,000
  • Per insured period €5,125,000

Depending on the nature of the work you can set the coverage limitation to low or high.

The start and end of the coverage is determined in the Table of the Insurance Contract. The duration of the insurance is 12 months, unless another insurance period is agreed between the two parties.

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