Liability for Third Party, Fire and Theft of Motor Vehicles

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Why TRUST Third Party, Fire and Theft

Extensions without additional cost

Choose the package you want and customise it at no extra cost, including risk coverage

24hrs Roadside and Accident Assistance 7777 8107

This benefit is provided in all insurance policies

If you Drink, Don't Drive

Trust is giving you the option "If you Drink, Don't Drive" by offering you free and safe ride home. If you have been drinking or you have an emergency medical problem call at 7777 8107

Who Is This Insurance For?

Aimed at owners of private and commercial motor vehicles who want additional coverage.


It meets the requirements set by the law regarding compulsory insurance, including the Extensions of the Standard Package, in addition to the following:

  • Loss or Accident damage caused by fire or ignition
  • Ignition
  • Thunder lightning
  • Explosion
  • Theft or attempted theft

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You can easily and quickly add or remove a driver by completing and signing the relevant Modification Form. You can send online the Form or by fax. We will receive and asses your request.

New drivers are considered those who are under the age of 23 or their driving licence has been issued for less than two years. New drivers pay an increased "premium" determined by their age, as well as their driving experience in Cyprus.

Since your car is registered in the Republic of Cyprus, your policy covers you in all European Union countries. However, the coverage will be against Third Party only if the coverage you have with the Company is Comprehensive and the compensation will be based on the limits of the country where the accident occurred. In any case, should you use the vehicle abroad you should immediately inform the Company of your plans, stating the country of visit, the reason for the trip and how long you will be absent.