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Trust Insurance Awarded Twice At Responsible Business Awards

Society, recognizing the Company's social contribution through the two actions, rewarded TRUST in the Responsible Business Awards.
Έτσι Μας Βλέπει Η Κοινωνία

Much More Than An Insurance Company

Trust is received… by giving. TRUST Insurance Cyprus has always been committed to social contribution, and won the trust of the world and the market by providing much more than insurance coverage.

As a company with one of the largest fleets of insured vehicles on the island, it has always shown particular sensitivity to road safety issues. Since the beginning of its operations in Cyprus, it has included in the motor vehicle contracts it offers the service "If you drink, don't drive. But if you've been drinking or had a medical emergency, we'll transport you safely."

A pioneering practice that reflects TRUST's philosophy of leadership through innovation and excellent service.  

But TRUST did not stop there, in 2022 it undertook a new, ambitious initiative in an effort to contribute to the development of road awareness around drink driving, the second cause of fatal collisions in our country for over a decade.

This initiative, which goes beyond the boundaries of the Company's clientele, took shape through the annual distribution of individual breathalyzer devices until there is one in every vehicle.

With the action "A Breathalyzer in Every Vehicle" TRUST Insurance Cyprus aims to strengthen efforts to develop road culture, promoting self-testing as an act of responsibility that saves lives.

Society, recognizing the Company's social contribution through the two actions, rewarded TRUST in Responsible Business Awards which reward businesses that base their operations on the principles of sustainability, responsible entrepreneurship and sustainable development. An event that has become an institution since it is held for the 4th year, and in fact with more entries than ever before, raising the competition and the level.

In particular, TRUST received the award GOLD in the "Society" category for the initiative to distribute individual breathalyzer devices and the SILVER award in the "Responsible product / Affinity Marketing / Cause-Related Marketing" category for the integrated service in Motor Vehicle contracts "If you're going to drink, don't drive".

The awards are organized with credibility and impartiality by Boussias Cyprus, a pioneer company in the B2B business publishing, conference production and awards organization in Greece, operating in Cyprus since 2017.

The double award greatly honors us and makes us even more proud of the fact that TRUST managed to stand out once again with its value as an Organization that is much more than "just an insurance company".

This is how Society sees us! As a model Organization that can rightfully become the Insurance of Choice for both clients and partners (Insurance and Business).

In TRUST We Trust!

Contribution to society is in the DNA of TRUST Insurance Cyprus.
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