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The Top At The Top

On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, an awards night by Trust Insurance Cyprus was held with great success.

The event under the title "The Top at the Top" was hosted at La Caleta on the 10th floor of the iconic The Icon in Limassol. A space full of symbolism and analogies for the Company.

In the presence of selected guests, the Trust presented awards to staff members as well as partners of its Network who stood out with their performance in the past year.


The first executive director of the Company analyzing the slogan of the evening "Together We Grow - Together We Succeed - Together We Evolve" emphasized that together - Company and Network, we created a €42 million Company with a portfolio composition of 50%-50%, profitability and systems and processes to look and be the "professional home of Insurance Agents and career executives".

He also underlined that the Trust has created the technological infrastructure to support the Insurer of the new era, in an online environment.


On behalf of the Board of Trust, Mr. Kikis Kazamias expressed his thanks to all those who contributed to the success, insurance agents and staff, for the faithful and successful implementation of the Company's strategic plan.


Addressing the audience, the chairman of Trust's holding company, Nest Investment Holdings, underlined his readiness to support the development of Trust Insurance Cyprus to reach even higher heights.


During the evening, a total of 35 Awards were awarded in the following categories:
• GOLD CLUB 2021

An additional Special Award for Overall Contribution to the Company was awarded.


Awards were given to another 80 partners and related to the following categories:
• Portfolio Development
• Long-term cooperation
• Excellent Cooperation and
• Contribution to Success

Awards were also given to members of staff based on criteria of effectiveness at work, years of service and dedication, as well as personal development as a professional.


The artistic part of the evening was taken over by the electronic string quartet from Greece, Fortissimo.


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