Insurance in not a luxury, it's a necessity!

Times are changing and natural disasters such as floods and wildfires are unfortunately become all the more often, all the more dangerous. In the aftermath of the deadly fire in the mountainous area of Larnaca region, Trust’s Operations Manager Mr George Constantinou thoroughly explains the value of right insurance and the dangers behind being under-insured, in an interview with Andrie Daniel on the “Agenda” radio show, on Active radio.

Get insured cleverly and correctly, and avoid paying the price of cheaper choices. Opt for true value for money by investing in an insurance program that truly fits your needs. Our network of highly qualified insurance agents are always available to assist you to make the best possible choice.


Listen to the interview on YouTube channel.


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On the Road to Investment Success

Having solidified its leading position in the Cyprus Insurance market, Trust not only keeps developing but it also utilizes its professionalism and foresight to implement an investment plan that justifies its choices.

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