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A Breathalyzer Device In Every Vehicle

Trust Insurance Cyprus announced the annual distribution of self breathalyzer tests during a Press Conference held on Thursday July 7th 2022.

The initiative that falls under the CSR actions of the Company, aims to reinforce State efforts for the cultivation of a better driving conscious and culture via promoting self testing as a lifesaving act of responsibility.

The Company's long term vision is for every vehicle to have a breathalyzer device, on hand for the driver to prove their ability to safely drive for their own sake, the sake of their passengers and everyone around them.

The devices in questions are of latest technology with all necessary certificates, reusable and have multiple reusable mouthpieces so everyone can have the chance to incorporate it in their driving routine, just like the seatbelt and the helmet.

At the Press Conference the honorable president of the Parliament Mrs Annita Demetriou and the honorable Minister of Transport, Communication and Works Mrs Karousos, under the auspices of whom the event took place, attended.

Addressing the audience Madame President stressed that the Parliament will stand by this initiative and will support it in any possible manner in order to save lives through the reduction of road accidents.

During his speech, Mr Minister stated assured that this initiative will leave its mark and will be an example that others should follow. He continued to say that the goal is zero road accidents, and that to achieve it, it take collective effort as the Ministry itself, by itself can not do it.

Recognizing the need for collective effort, Trust Insurance Cyprus invited the State, Institutions, Organizations, the Corporate World and the citizens themselves to embrace this initiative which constitutes a grandiose and long term goal for the company.

The distributions will be held annually in association with informative actions.

Trust Insurance Cyprus invited the State, Institutions, Organizations, NGOs, the Corporate world and the citizens themselves to embrace this initiative, which constitutes a grandiose and long term goal for the company.

To stay ahead. To save lives.

The Press Conference, and the initiative itself was well received in all local Media outlets.

Indicatively we leave below some photos from the event, news stories and live interviews.

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