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Technology at your service!

From your computer, mobile or tablet, you can now complete your work even from the farthest point of Cyprus.

The use of technology in the insurance industry has radically changed the way clients are served and informed. Even people who do not have advanced technology know-how to easily get access to news and insurance opportunities due to the increased use of the internet and social networking sites.

In addition to social networks that create a more direct contact with existing and future customers, mobile applications provide an easy alternative. Customers will now be able to manage their insurance contracts as well as track the progress of their claims.

For Trust Insurance Cyprus, the continuous investment in technology allows it to upgrade its services and make it easier for its partners to work.
One of the tools that is already in operation is the Agents Portal, which is created by an internal infrastructure of the Insurance Agents Network.

In the future, Agents Portal users will be able to:
- Issue of contracts
- Invoices
- Cover Notes
- Print Form (claims)
- Check status of their portfolio

Agents Portal will serve the needs of partners in order to run their business smoothly.

Let's make our lives easier by projecting out the modern face of Trust while enhancing our company's image in the market.

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Forbes Interview - CEO - Trust Insurance Cyprus

FORBES Interview | Trust Insurance Cyprus "Protagonist in the new era"

«Στόχος μας είναι να δίνουμε πρόσθετη αξία στο συμβόλαιο του κάθε πελάτη μας, μέσω
της προσφοράς επιπρόσθετων πρωτοποριακών υπηρεσιών, απλοποιημένων και γρήγορων
διαδικασιών, καθώς και μιας εξαίρετης εμπειρίας στην εξυπηρέτηση» αναφέρει σε
συνέντευξή του στο Forbes ο CEO της Trust Insurance Cyprus, Χρίστος Χριστοδούλου.

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