World Health Day

Today it’s World Health Day, and today (over these times of crisis) more than ever before, our health, individually and collectively, is of utmost importance.

The pandemic of COVID-19 brought back to the forefront the "front line fighters" - medical, paramedical, nursing staff - but also the real value of high-quality health services.

Every State is putting in a lot of effort, and we must acknowledge that, as well as the fact that we owe a huge "thank you" to those who are by our side in times of need. However experiencing such challenges over a worldwide health crisis, such as the corona virus pandemic, has once again demonstrated how important it is for each and every one, to the extent of their financial capabilities, to ensure the level of health services received when and if needed.

The numbers leave no room for doubt.

  • At least 50% of the world's population still does not have full basic health care coverage.
  • Only 10% of global GDP is spent annually on health.
  • 97 million premature deaths could be prevented with investments of 371 billion dollars in health systems.
  • The average global health expenditure is 1,011 dollars with half the countries spending less than 366 dollars per capita.
At TRUST our main focus has always been is the person behind the policy number. The human aspect of it all. Recognising how strong and at the same time how fragile one, we try to mirror the behaviour of someone protecting their own. That is how and why we have created and provide innovative and flexible health programs capable of helping tackle situations that find one vulnerable whilst safeguarding their dignity.

Choose the program that best suits your needs and protect yourself and those dear to you.

In Health We Trust

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