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To what “meta-normal” will we return post quarantine?

The lift of most measures taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic has begun. Most businesses are holding the key ready open the door that will (expectedly) jump start the economy. Any time now, after prolonged quarantine we are set to go through our doorsteps, return to our daily routines, and turn our lives back to…normal!

Σε ποια κανονικότητα θα επιστρέψουμε, όμως; Πως θα είναι οι πρώτες  μετά καραντίνας  ημέρες; Μουδιασμένες; Απελευθερωτικές;

A huge factor is bound to be the sense of safety, or lack of.

The world as we knew it is over, and we now need to be introduced to a new meta-normality in which we cannot allow fear to creep in.

After all, the next day as scary as it may seem, it may be even more beautiful. In any case, we never could have predicted it. That’s why we always tried to be prepared for it.

One of our strongest allies in preparing for any misfortunate event that comes our way, has always been and will be your insurance agent. That person you can call your own, who utilizes their know how, their experience, and shows genuine interest in us, our family, our property, our business, and guides us towards the best possible solution for our own personal needs. The right insurance agent is he/she who secures tomorrow for us, in a way we can not only exist in today, but truly live in it!

Being stuck at home, restriction, even if it was willing, and the disruption form work, brings as face to face with a new reality that potentially stir up emotions of insecurity and financial uncertainty even in the long term post-quarantine.

The answer to this, maybe justified, stress is positive psychology, which contrary to what one may think, is not an abstract notion.

There are things in our everyday life that can trigger in us, even if it’s for just 5 minutes joy, peace, gratitude, laugh, interest, and even love! We should try and make the best out of those situations as researches these past 20 years have shown that when we experience such positive emotions even if it’s just 5 minutes –enjoying peacefully a cup of coffee, just pausing for a few moments to clear our head, really listening to a full song- triggers a whole biological process including neuro transmitters and hormones, which shields us, and helps us deal with daily hardships.

It only takes 5 minutes, to redefine the tone of each day. No need to stress over the unknown. Our Insurance agent, and Trust, have our backs for anything that may occur, so that meta-normality is as beautiful as we chose to!

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